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Walking To Get Somewhere

Barefoot In Yelapa

One of the practices Anne and I have both embraced is living a paleo or primal lifestyle. I often hear people refer to it as the paleo diet. Diet is not the complete package. It’s a lifestyle, a way of living that embraces simplistic practices of health and well being. The wikipedia article I linked to above gives a general idea of what the paleo lifestyle is all about.

One of the most enjoyable I experienced on this trip was all the time I got to spend with Anne walking. Walking is a fantastic form of exercise. I know I have spent countless miles walking and running for the sake of walking and running. On this trip, I never set out to walk for exercise. Every walk Anne and I took was to get to a place we wanted to go. What a concept! Another thing about this form of transportation is whatever we needed at our destination, we needed to carry. Every day I had to evaluate what was going in my bag. I suddenly was concerned about not wanting to lug too much weight. That bag gets awfully heavy in the heat of a long day. 

At first when we set out walking we did our typical exercise thing. We set out at a hard pace to get our lungs pumping, and our hearts going. It’s what we are used to doing. It didn’t take us long to figure out in the heat and the hilly terrain to throttle it back and save our energy. We were going to need to walk back from wherever we were going, walk to dinner later, and walk home after that.

Once we slowed down, something magical happened. We started enjoying our time together. We talked. We held hands, we noticed interesting things about the area, we stopped to look, we took pictures. We lost all thoughts of setting a rapid pace and started living in the moment. We were sucking the marrow out of this adventure.

By the end of our week, we could feel a strength in our legs. It appealed to my paleo sensibilities. Since being home, I have lost that daily walking practice. It’s understandable, it’s been cold, icy, and slippery up here in Vermont.

My house, Mountain Shadow Manor, is about two miles out of town. I have walked to town during the warmer months and have always found the walk enjoyable. After my experience in Mexico, it is a practice I intend to continue.

Peace Bread Delivery

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Yelapa – A Photo Essay

Anne and I went on our first week long non-working vacation ever. We’ve been together since 2001 and we have taken little trips, or we have gone places that involved being on team for or leading workshops, but we have never done anything to this scale before.  The most daunting part of our trip was planning it. The stories we carried in our head of what it would take to go (passports, more money than we have, will be taken advantage of because we will stand out as clueless tourist, etc) was threatening to cast a pall on the excitement of what it could be like.  There comes a point where one realizes they need to choose to commit to the adventure or not, stories be damned. We chose wisely. We hopped on a plane to Yelapa Mexico. Neither of us had ever been anywhere like this before. We were going to meet friends who had, so we put our faith in their knowledge. Again, this was a good choice. We let go and lived for the adventure.

I had been in a place of introspection so this trip was full on insights. I may be doing a couple of posts over the next few days just talking about some of the things I learned.

For now, I am posting this photo essay of our trip. I was able to cull it down to less than 50 photos. This was an amazing adventure.


Either enjoy the photo essay as presented here, or if you feel moved click on an image and scroll through one at a time.