1010041_10152964741260788_1165925255_nHi, my name is Rich Walkden.  I am a life hacker –  I am someone who has wandered off the beaten path of standard living to create a good life for myself and my family. I am on a path of simple mindful living and am extremely curious as to how our minds and bodies work.

In the many incarnations of my life I have been known to be a barefoot runner and barefoot advocate, body weight fitness aficionado, paleo lifestyle practitioner, minimalist, life coach with specialties in hypnotherapy, EFT, Clear Communications, active listening I have trained in Facilitation with the Human Awareness Institute where I have been a part of the team and co-led workshops on Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality.  I am also a writer, performer, and musician. I am also a husband and a father.

This blog started out as a record of an overweight guy who just started to run and loved the idea of blogging.  Now, I don’t know what this blog is for exactly. There is a certain evolution in creative blogging. My words, thoughts and ideas evolve and shape and through this creative expression, the blog becomes something more. This blog is about me discovering my creative voice, the one I have quieted for most of my life.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Enjoyed chatting with you at the Runner’s Round Table. Thanks for posting…

  2. You like drive barefoot?

    1. I like doing everything barefoot.

      1. Thank’you! I am Italian barefooter (sorry my English…),and like to walk barefoot,and drive barefoot always:super good sensation. Chicco.

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